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If you want to discover casino card games, online casinos are the best place for you. Casino sites usually have the choice of different real money card games. You can choose between animated games or live dealer games. The online casinos offer card games with different welcome packages: deposit bonuses or even bonuses without deposit with free credit.

Before you rush into the next game rounds, briefly check all the important information in our guide. In the following, you will learn everything interesting about the individual card games in casinos.

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Money card games at a glance

What casino card games are there? Full list

Card games are an integral part of society. Most people play with quartet cards from a very early age, and card games are also popular with friends or in real playgroups. Apart from that, there are plenty of card games that are mainly used for online gambling. Which card games can be played in the casino or for real money. Check all casino card game names below!


The card game called Blackjack is not only one of the most famous card games, but also one of the most popular casino games. In numerous films and broadcasts this classic is the subject of discussion, which should not be missing in any casino in the world. The rules are quickly explained: Blackjack is played with a total of 312 playing cards, consisting of six decks of French playing cards. Players must try to get closer to 21 with their cards than the dealer – or to hit 21 exactly. Whoever overdoes it, loses. Players play only against the dealer and not against other players at the table. Blackjack is offered in numerous different game variations, some of which differ significantly from the classic game. As a rule, however, all Blackjack games have the same card rankings. The Deuces to Tens are valued according to their number. All face cards bring ten points, the ace either one or eleven points. Blackjack becomes really exciting with the side bets in numerous game variations.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker has some similarities to Blackjack. The game is completely different, but here too the players only play against the dealer or the casino. The cards of the other players at the table are not relevant for your own profit. Basically, Three Card Poker is considered an enormously fast card game. There are no purchases or new cards, each player receives three playing cards face down and must collect a total of seven cards of the same kind. The scoring is similar to the regular poker rules, although here of course only a maximum of three hands can be played. If the dealer has no queen, the player usually wins automatically.

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em poker can be considered in some ways as the showcase poker variation in the casinos. Especially in Europe, Texas Hold’em is much more popular than its “brother”, Omaha Hold’em. In Texas Hold’em poker, players must make the best hand from five playing cards. Each player is given two playing cards to look at and analyze. The dealer then deals five playing cards. The first three cards form the so-called flop, fourth card the turn and the fifth card the river. From these five community cards and the two cards in the hand, the best five-card hand is then formed.

Pai Gow Poker

As the name already suggests, Pai Gow Poker finds its origins in Asia. Classically, the game is actually played with dominos. In the casinos of this world, however, playing cards are used instead of the small stones. Players must proceed here enormously skillfully and can rest in no round of play. An enormously intensive game, which has countless followers in Europe as well.

17 and 4

17 and 4 is often equated by many people with Blackjack. However, this is not quite true. In fact, 17 and 4 is much older and can therefore be called the predecessor of Black Jack. In addition, the rules of the game are a little different. For example, here the ace always counts eleven points. However, the object of the game, to reach 21 or get closer to it than the dealer, remains the same. If the players hit 21 with only two cards, the win is doubled at 17 and 4. However, if the dealer hits 21 with two cards, the loss is also doubled. Worldwide, the rules of this card game are slightly different. After a short period of getting used to the game, however, it can be played in any game variant without problems.

Video Poker

Video Poker can only be described as a genuine card game to a limited extent. As the name already betrays, here digital poker is played. Video poker machines have been in use since the 1970s and have been enormously popular since then. The game rounds here are extremely fast. The aim of the game is to form the best possible hands with the playing cards. Different cards can be held and thus be carried over to the next draw round. In addition, the individual game variants such as Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild or Joker Poker each have their own rules. For example, the game is played with jokers or additional winning requirements.


The British card game Hearts belongs rather rarely to the offers of the casinos. However, this classic game is usually played for real money. Each player receives 13 of a total of 52 playing cards. Four players are active here at the same time. Each player passes three cards face down to the player on his left. The two of clubs then opens the game. The player who wants to secure the pile must put on matching cards and at the same time show the highest card of the pile.


The card game Canasta is also a rather untypical casino card game. The origin of this game lies in South and North America. Especially the friends of special game variations are in good hands here. It is played with a hand of 52 cards, in addition, four jokers are in the run. The players play here together with partners against other teams. The winner is the team that has secured the most points in the game rounds.


The aim of Rummy game is to get rid of all cards as quickly as possible. The basic version of the game is usually played with 52 (Skat) cards without Joker, sometimes also with 2 hands and Jokers. The participants are between 2 and 6 players. The more people participate, the fewer cards each player has – with only 2 opponents each player gets 10. Because it is so easy to play, rummy is also so incredibly popular. That is why there are several different versions. You can read more about the rules of Rummy here. Meanwhile rummy can also be played on the internet, either for free or with real money, against players from all over the world.

Playing card games in online casino

Whose heart does not necessarily beat for Blackjack or poker, usually has bad cards in land based casinos. Space is limited here and so there is not an infinite number of gaming tables available. In online casinos, however, things look a little different. Playing at the online casino providers brings the players numerous advantages. One of them is the much greater choice. Classics, exotics and completely new games – in online casinos everything is included. In addition, the convenience of course scores here. After all, not every player has a casino in the immediate vicinity. Another factor for online casinos: Thanks to bonus offers and demo versions, getting started is much easier.

Play free gambling card games online

Beginners can and should always look for a demo version for card games in online casinos. With these demo versions the individual game variants can be tested without risk. That means: Own, real money does not have to be placed here. Players receive virtual game credits from the casino in the demo versions. This can then be placed in the card games without hesitation. If the money is used up, there are replenishments. Thus this free game variant is suitable also not only for becoming acquainted with, but for example also to examine own play strategies. Not surprisingly, however, the demo versions of the card games do not yield real money winnings.

Bonus for card games in the online casino

Players will find another option for free card games in the bonus offers of online casinos. A bonus offer is now a must, and most providers even offer different bonuses. Users appreciate the casino bonus without deposit. Why, should be clear. Here, customers receive a bonus from the provider without prior deposit and can use it in the games. Usually, however, an online casino bonus is issued as a so-called deposit bonus. This bonus amount must therefore first be activated by the customers with their own deposit into the player account. In both cases important: the bonus conditions. Players should only accept offers with fair conditions. This means that the bonus amount should also be able to be withdrawn. If it is too complicated to fulfill these withdrawal requirements, it is better to use another bonus offer.

How to play casino card games on mobile?

Not all players want to play card games on their desktop in the living room. The clever solution of the casinos: mobile card game versions. Some providers are developing their own apps, which can be downloaded easily with a smartphone or tablet. In the apps, the entire offer is then reduced for the “trouser pocket”. However, it is not always absolutely necessary to download an app. Alternatively, many providers provide their customers with an HTML5 version. This can be used without software download and is started simply by visiting the website in the mobile browser. There are usually no noticeable differences between the two variants. Two wonderful options, then, for playing card games in the subway or on the bus, for example.

How do I find the best online casino for card games?

Online card games for money: FAQ

What are the most popular card games?

Card games are available in many variations nowadays. Among the most popular games are black jack, texas hold’em poker, pai gow poker, three card poker or 17 and 4.

Where can I play card games online?

Card games are an integral part of the portfolios of online casinos. Exactly which games are available, however, varies from provider to provider. Classics such as black jack and poker can be found everywhere.

How can I play online card games for free?

Online card games can be played for free. Also in the online casinos. They provide their players with demo versions in which they only play for virtual credits and not for real money.

Are there bonus offers for card games?

Bonus offers for card games are often found in online casinos. However, players should carefully review the bonus terms and conditions for each bonus offer.

How do card games work?

Card games are offered in countless game variations. The game principle is always simple, so that even beginners can easily get started with these games.