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Kalooki (Kaluki or Kalookie) is a Rummy game which uses Jokers as wild cards. The use of Jokers as wild cards adds an interesting twist to the usual rummy game. In Kalooki your meld must equal at least 51 before you can lay it down.

Kalooki Rules

The winner in Kalooki is the first player to dispose of all of the cards in their hand at once – this is called Hunt, or the first player to dispose of all the cards in there hand by gradually melding and building – this is called Going Out.

How To Play Kalooki

A turn consists of three parts:

If the stock runs out, the discard pile is shuffled and placed face down to form a new stock. The card discarded by the player who drew the last card of the old stock is placed face up beside the new stock to start the new discard pile.

After laying down the initial meld, a player may add cards from there hand to any melds on the table – there own or other player’s – forming a large valid meld. This is called building.

The Use of Jokers in Kalooki

The Joker may be used in any set or run to substitute for any missing card or cards. When used in a meld to substitute for another card, the Joker takes on the point value of the card it represents. It counts 25 penalty points when in the hand of a player at the end of play.

Players may add the corresponding card of the fourth suit to a three-card set (if it contains a Joker, no repeated suits are allowed) or add further consecutive cards to either end of a run.

In builds, as in original melds, a Joker can be used as a substitute for any card.

Reusing Jokers

If a set of three cards contains a Joker, the Joker can be released in exchange for equal ranking cards of both missing suits from the player’s hand. For example, if has been melded, a player who has a and a can add both of these cards to the set, taking the Joker in exchange and using it elsewhere. By building just one of these 10’s onto the set, player forms a closed four-card set of 10-10-10-Joker, from which the Joker can never be taken.

A player can add any two of the missing suits to a three-card set with two Jokers, releasing one of the Jokers and forming a closed four-card set.

If a run contains a Joker, a player who holds the card the Joker represents can use it to replace the Joker, and reuse it elsewhere.

Except in the cases where a Joker can be reused as described above, melds and runs once placed on the table can never be rearranged – they can only be added to.

Winning at Kalooki

Going Out

The play ends when a player wins by drawing from the stock or discards pile, melding all but one of their cards, and discarding their last card. This is known as Going Out.

When going out you must end your turn with a discard – it is not permitted to draw, meld all of there cards and discard nothing. There is no “laying off”, as in some other rummy games. When a player goes out the play ends immediately and the other players have no opportunity to dispose of any cards they are holding, even if they could have been melded or built onto other melds.


The play also ends if a player disposes all of the cards in their hand at once.


Kalooki is a fun and easy game to learn and play.